Motorcycle connectivity in a feature rich solution

Streamlined for all riders in one simple cluster.

The Cockpit hardware is an electronic case that you slip your smartphone in, and it replaces a conventional motorcycle cluster. With a window equipped with an antiglare film it allows the motorcyclist to see it. He is then able to interact with the smartphone’s screen (limited to when the motorcycle in neutral) and use the smartphone’s screen as a instrument cluster the rest of the time. In the cluster mode (when the rider is driving) the screen will display the usual features found on a motorcycle cluster plus user defined feature such as navigation, data alerts regarding motorcycle system health ( oil press, volts, etc …).

The Cockpit is hardwired to the motorcycles sensors and electrical power to allow it to turn the motorcycle on and off. This will include Controlled Area Networks (CAN) networks when available. Plus different add-ons can also be incorporated (future implementations) as in Lidar units, V2V communication units (vehicle to vehicle communications). The smartphone is also charged when in the case via the motorcycle’s power.

By way of user preset, the smartphone will either broadcast live data feed to A-malgam’s cloud based web service servers using LTE or 4g/3G wireless communications, or will be buffered to a preset amount. The data buffered to the smartphone’s internal memory will be broadcasted using wifi when later available. This will also be used when the smartphone is out of cellular connection.

Once on the cloud, the data can be accessed via different gateways and interfaces depending on the user’s access privileges. The user interface will allow him to track his motorcycle’s health, last rides and all sensors either raw or streamlined. He will also be able to change different settings relating to the app running on his smartphone.


Using your phone’s  3G/LTE or Wi-Fi


Where we’re going we don’t need no keys


Sought after features at your fingertips


Connects to new and old motorcycles

Always looking out

Preemptive maintenance and alerts


Ready for what the future has to offer

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